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In an era that demands greater accountability from teachers and stresses the importance of students' engagement in their own learning, course assessments hold the potential to have a positive and lasting impact in our middle and high schools. To do so, course assessments must be reenvisioned so they capture the real issues that impact student learning.
The goal of any educational system is for students to live up to their potential and move toward a hopeful future. To reach this goal, our teaching and learning environment must promote students' self-worth, ensure students are meaningfully engaged, and affirm that the information students are learning is both rigorous and relevant.
The iKnow My Class course assessment is designed to assess and address the conditions that inspire students to reach their fullest potential. It provides valuable information and formative assessment, which research acknowledges is essential for student growth and learning, to individual classroom teachers.
iKnow My Class is an online instrument for students in grades 3-5 (27 question survey) and grades 6-12 (two versions: short version has 20 questions, long version has 50 questions). The survey is anonymous and teachers receive results in real time. iKnow My Class allows for ongoing, formative assessment of student perceptions and engagement and allows teacher to make necessary midcourse adjustments. Teachers are encouraged to enhance the assessment by adding their own questions.
Next Practices
Next Practices is a new resource designed to enhance the teaching and learning environment. This online tool, available at no additional charge to all registered users, is designed to support student engagement in the classroom by providing suggestions and resources related to each question on the survey. Teachers can readily access Next Practices as they reflect on their survey results and use the resource to focus on areas in need of improvement and/or maintain areas noted as strengths.
Scale Validation of the iKnow My Class Survey is a technical report of the validation process for the use of this survey as a measurement tool to operationalize selected constructs of and related to the Student Engagement Trust Model.

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$100 per school registration fee, plus $1 per student (based on total number of students in school).
  • Each teacher subsequently registers individual classes/course.
  • Teachers may administer the assessment to students as many times during the school year as they would like.
  • Teachers receive results in real time.
  • Easy to use online instrument for course assessment
  • Serves as a formative assessment
  • Two versions: 20 or 50 questions
  • Only takes 5 or 10 minutes to complete
  • For grades 6-12
  • Survey is anonymous
  • Results viewable in real time
  • Results disaggregated by key demographics
  • Survey for grades 3-5 now available (27 questions)
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